Logging into WordPress

Logging into WordPress only takes a few seconds.

You can log in directly through your web browser. The login address is usually the domain name of the WordPress site you wish to access, followed by wp-admin. For example, if your domain name is mydomain.com, the login address would be: http://mydomain.com/wp-admin

In some cases, the WordPress site may have been placed on a subdomain or subfolder. In this case, you’ll need to include the subdomain or folder with your domain name. For example: http://mydomain.com/subdomain/wp-admin

Logging into WordPress, enter address of WordPress site

You will be prompted to enter your username and password at the login page.

If you’ve lost your password or don’t know it, click the Lost your password link at the login screen. You will be prompted to enter your username or the email address that was set up for your WordPress account. WordPress will automatically email you reset instructions, which you can use to access your WordPress dashboard.

Logging into WordPress, choose lost your password if needed

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will be directed to the WordPress dashboard.

To change the password or email associated with your WordPress username or to modify your general profile, select Users > Your Profile from the left navigation. You will be directed to the Users page, where you can edit everything except for your username.

To add a new user, choose Users > Add New from the left navigation.

To view all users, choose Users > All Users from the left navigation.

Updating user profile after logging into WordPress